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Bogumila Smyrska

Massage Therapist


I graduated from the University of Physical Education - the Faculty of Motor Rehabilitation in Cracow, Poland. My main field of study was physiotherapy. Since physiotherapy is my passion, I continue to sharpen my skills by attending specialized course. In particular, I participated in the Course of Massage and Acupressure organized by the Education Centre "Beauty and Wellness".

Since 2018 I am a therapist certified by the the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicines - ASCA. Due to that the Therapeutic and Classic Massage can be reimbursed by your insurance company.

In my spare time I love being active - I particularly enjoy outdoor sports. Thus, I know the pain of injuries and multiple techniques to relieve them. Not only practising sport, but also daily activities are easier and more enjoyable if we don't feel any restrictions and pain. Many of my friends spend time in front of computer and with a proper massage I learned many ways to help them.

These are the reasons why I'm working as massage therapist and have so much motivation for my work. Please contact me to find a way to help your body.




My massage studio is located in the city centre and is easily accessible by the public transport (walking distance from Perle du Lac, Butini or Maison de la Paix stops and Genève-Sécheron train station).


​Avenue de France 6, 1202 Geneve

 Tel. +41 77 958 03 31

There is also a possibility of arranging
a home visit (contact me for more details).

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